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RX8 6 speed Adaptor Plates

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RX8 6 speed Adaptor Plates

Post by knapmann »

I am able to produce adaptor plates for mating RX8 6 Speed transmissions to M10 and M20 engines. I have personally built and run an M20 with a 6 speed transmission in my '02. These transmissions have the much the same gear ratios 1st-5th as the factory G245 CR transmissions with 5th as 1:1, they then have a 6th OD gear as well. In effect they are like having the CR and OD transmission at the same time.

RX8 G245 Close Ratio
1st = 3.76 3.76
2nd = 2.27 2.32
3rd = 1.66 1.61
4th = 1.19 1.23
5th = 1.00 1.00
6th = 0.84 N/A

More information and photos etc can be found about the plates and transmissions in the below link, including some pdf documents detailing the process of mating these on page 3 of the thread, there is some technical work involved, they dont simply bolt together and be done with it, but its nothing someone at home cannot do with a little bit of machining that can be subbed out, after all I did this myself. ... /#comments

I plan on doing a run of plates in the coming weeks. PM me if you are interested in a plate or have any questions. They are £120 each plus P&P.

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Re: RX8 6 speed Adaptor Plates

Post by Jeroen »

Hmmmm I'm not in the market for an upgrade like this but it's a nice option!
Regards/groeten, Jeroen

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