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E21 323i M52B28 for sale

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 12:09 pm
by nige21
Hi everyone,

Some of you may remember me, i had a build thread on here for this car many years ago when it had sn S50B30 in it.
The time has come for me to move this car on, and i thought i would offer it here for sale.

I would be happy to help with freight etc if someone was interested outside of Australia.

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In 2006 I purchased this car from the original owner, who up until that point was still servicing the car at the BMW dealer. It has been garaged its whole life, and as such there is absolutely no rust anywhere on it. The car was my daily driver from 2006 to 2011, at which point i decided it was too nice to drive everyday, and from there it evolved into what you see today.

The car will come with the original Victoria Garden State plates that it left the dealership with.

This car is extremely well sorted - just turn the key and enjoy.

-M52B28 Single Vanos (from 5 series, unknown kms)
-ACL Race bearings and BMW conrod bolts (easy to do when i swapped the sump)
-M50 Inlet Manifold swap
-Custom fabricated two piece sump (copy of e30 m3 dtm), large wings with trap doors and baffle plate - lots of ground clearance, higher than the subframe
-GreshM Performance tune to suit M50 manifold, EWS and speed sensor delete, 7000 revlimit
-80c themostat
-All new cooling hoses and new gaskets
-S50B30 equal length headers (from E36 M3)

-Getrag G260 5 speed gearbox
-Recently Rebuilt and resealed with new Layshaft and Mainshaft bearings
-No getrag rattle despite the light flywheel!
-E21 Lightend flywheel - aprrox 6kg
-Brand new 325i clutch - less then 300km on it
-3.45 diff

-Bilsteins dampers all round
-Adjustable height coilovers
-Shortend front strut housings for increased bump travel
-Eurometric urethane subframe bushes
-OEM rubber trailing arm bushes
-Raised rear subframe ~10mm for improved rear geometry
-Urethane front control arm and sway bar bushes
-New OEM rubber top mounts

-E36 M3 Headers modified to fit around std E21 steering shaft
-Full custom exhaust from headers back
-Magnaflow centre resonator into Magnaflow mufflers (dual exhausts as per 323i's)
-Tucked up as high as possible

-Wilwood Dynapro 4 pistons calipers (with dust seals)
-Custom caliper bracket to suit Wilwoods
-Wilwood BP10 Street Pads. Great when cold (recommend their BP30 or Polymatrix if doing trackdays)
-Braided lines all round
-Std pedal box with increased pedal ratio ~6:1
-New master cylinder to suit Wilwood 4 pistons
-4 wheel discs as per all 323i's

-Recaro front seats with electric recline
-Extremely rare early E24 M6 Mtech Steering Wheel (only one that fits an e21)
-Steering wheel wrapped in alcantara
-Uncracked Dash!
-Brand new Genuine BMW grey carpet

-Body is very straight, gaps perfectly and has never been in an accident
-Stone chips on leading edge of bonnet etc (it was my daily for 5+ years)
-Few scratches on roof and sunroof panel, (not down to metal)
-Few small nicks and scratches, nothing unusual for its age
-Sunroof drains always cleaned, sunroof winder and slide and tilt mechanism work perfectly
-Pop out rear windows
-Engine bay painted in 2 pack

-Genuine BBS RS wheels
-16x8 front, 16x8.5 rear

The bad:
-Wear on drivers seat centre pad - foams are still very firm and comfortable
-Stone chips etc on leading edge of bonnet etc (car was a daily driver at one point)
-Scratch mark on roof - was quoted about 600ish to fix and blend out

Lots of spares
-Complete powersteering retrofit
-Full Aircon Interior trim panels and HVAC unit
-too many spares to list

$26000 AUD (14k GBP)


Re: E21 323i M52B28 for sale

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 8:18 pm
by Jeroen
Oh no, he's selling it! Still an amazingly beautiful car. Good luck with your sale, hope it finds a good new home soon Nigel!

BTW... tell us about new wheels!

Re: E21 323i M52B28 for sale

Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 4:07 am
by nige21
Hey Jeroen! Yeah i will be sad to see it go. Car has evolved quite a bit since i bought it in 2006!
I still have the old wheels, but they are now on my e30 318is.

Re: E21 323i M52B28 for sale

Posted: Thu Jun 11, 2020 7:02 am
by Pro Refinishing
Hi there Nige, amazing looking car you’ve done a great job! If I’d of seen it come up for sale I wouldn’t of started building my own🙈 Somebody is in for a treat. Could I ask you what the car is like with the Wilwood callipers and no brake servo? As the brakes good? Like I say I’m currently building something similar. A right hand drive, but I can’t make up my mind if I want a servo or not. Was thinking of going with twin master cylinders. Just wondered what it’s like on your car? Any advice would be greatly received.
Thanks for you time.

Re: E21 323i M52B28 for sale

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2020 8:56 am
by Yannickh
Is the new engine registered in the papers? Do you consider shipping the car? What would this cost?


Re: E21 323i M52B28 for sale

Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2020 9:33 am
by nige21
Hi Yannickh, i am open to shipping the car. Where are you located? Send a PM if you're interested.