Wanted: 1982 320is black w/black leather

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My E21(s): 1982 320is Schwartz/Black Leather manual

Wanted: 1982 320is black w/black leather

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Patiently awaiting an appearance of a black '82 320is. My Stepdad special ordered this car brand new in '81 for my mom & it's the car I learned to drive stick on (and of course impress the dates with throughout high school). It's also the car that married me to BMW's for life. Other than a couple of off-road types, as soon as I started buying my own cars BMW's are all I've owned (E30, E60, F85, R nineT Scrambler). I've been passively searching for years in the hopes I can have one of these in my garage for the rest of my life but getting more serious now.

Ideally I'd like a good condition, all original drive-able without rust or potential years worth of tracking down original parts but considering the rarity of these I'm open to just about any restorable project. Even OK with tasteful restomods (engine/performance, suspension, etc...not overboard on the body) but the must haves are 086 black with black leather. Perfection would be the original one my mother traded in back in the 90's but would need to track that VIN down first...probably not possible at this point.


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