Reinstalling Engine - Clarification on Some Details (mostly wiring)

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Reinstalling Engine - Clarification on Some Details (mostly wiring)

Post by yacob555 »

My engine blew and had to swap in a 2.0L from a 2002 into my 1979 320i. It wasn't as similar as people said, but we've made all the adjustments needed and its almost done. There are a few lingering questions standing between now and starting it up which I'd love some help with.

1. The connector to the WUR came out of the plug. The cables are brown and green/yellow. Does it matter which cable goes on which side of the connector?

2. What is this sensor on the back of the block, passenger side by the distributor? What wire plugs into it?

3. Where does this pin connected to the airbox plug go?

4. I found this wire but the other side is cut. Any idea where it came from? It's red/black.

5. Where does this cable bolt in? It has 3 cables.

6. Can't find the 2 wires that plug into the sensor on the bottom driver's side of the radiator. Where does that wire come from?

7. What cord plugs into the starter exciter? I don't see it unless its the one attached to the airbox cable.

8. What size/type are the exhaust:manifold bolts? Having trouble finding bolts that fit.

9. What size is the coolant return hose on the coolant pipe? Lost it.


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Re: Reinstalling Engine - Clarification on Some Details (mostly wiring)

Post by uwbuurman »

Omg, well, I am in to 323i, so I can't help you all the way, but here are my suggestions.

1. Yes it matters, those two plugs need to be insulated, plug housing looks like the brown one at #3 and should be black.

2. Looks to me that that should be the oil pressure sensor.

3. The bigger brown plug goes on the thermostat houding where a sensor/time switch schould be. That has the brown male plug on it. The single brown cable also goes on a sensor on the thermostat house

4. I think #4 goes on #6.

5. ?

6. See #4 I have two sensors, high and low temp. Using a red/green wire and a black wire on the low temp and a black/white and brown on the high temp sensor.

7. ?

8. You need selflocking copper bolts. Should be m8 size. Metric size 13 wrench

9. ?
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