E21 K-jet to Weber help

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E21 K-jet to Weber help

Post by Jr3 »

I've been in the process of getting the CIS system out of my m10 e21 and replacing it with a Weber 38/38 but I'm at a crossroads. What to do about the fuel system? Does anyone on here have experience with this conversion? Any feedback or help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: E21 K-jet to Weber help

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I just went in the opposite direction, but have enough experience with vintage engines to be of some help.
You will need an electric fuel pump for a carbureted application, the system only requires 4-6 psi to supply the carbs.
install an in-line, low pressure filter. There are many options here, I recommend the type with a glass housing.
Removal of the in-tank and in-line pumps is required, and install a pick-up tube for the external electric pump to draw fuel out of the tank.

hope this helps.

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