E12 Solex 4A1

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E12 Solex 4A1

Post by exorcism »

Hello ,

I bought a pretty decent E12 from 1981 , model 520 with a solex carburator .
Its an automatic , and i have a problem with stalling .
When i start it cold , it runs good , when i push it to Drive of Reverse the engine RPM drop , and stalls most of the time .
I replaced sparkplug / filters / vacuum hoses last week . did not help 1 bit i thought it was a vacuum leak .
but i 'cheated' and turn in the screw at the idle control valve so i drive the car , but in park or neutral the RPM is pretty high , too high voor my liking .
also i dont think my second stage is working correctly .
when i do it manually 'full throttle' , 9 times out of 10 the second flap only opens 10% , and 1 in 10 times the flaps open all the way .

Answers in english or dutch ar appreciated :thnx

E12 520 automatic (GESTOLEN!!) :wtf
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Re: E12 Solex 4A1

Post by BertjeConti »

Sounds like the typical Solex 4A1 problems.

There is a vac. controlled system assisting the throttle when the engine is stalling, perhaps this isn't working fast enough anymore.

And about the second stage, probably a warped carburettor top, or also vac problems.
Second stage is also vac controlled and has a thermo switch which prevents engaging second stage if the engine isn't fully warmed up.
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