Ignition Control Module

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Ignition Control Module

Post by PeterCS »

Would an 82 315 have a ignition conirol module?
My car randomly just stops as if the car runs out of gas .. when it has not actually run out of gas.
It might restart but usually does not.

Am told to redo my ignition components.

Might the problem be a malfunctioning control module?
Thx, PeterCS
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Re: Ignition Control Module

Post by uwbuurman »

Hi Peter, so, can you elaborate a bit more? Does it run just fine until it suddenly stops? What did you test sofar? Is there spark after it stalls? How does it crank up, after it happens? Sounds flooded or just cranks and cranks?

Ignition parts, well, my first suggestion would be to test whether you have spark or not, so when the problem occurs, take out a sparkplug and hold it to the block, while cranking the engine. Whatch those hands of yours, hold it by the rubber socket of the ignition wire.

So, fhat spark needs to be strong and blue. If not I suggest it might be the coilpack, just old sparkplugcables. That last thing you can see just by examening the wires.

If there is a strong spark during the problem it is less likely that is has to do with ignitionparts. Then I would turn my attention to the carb...
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Re: Ignition Control Module

Post by e21Keith »

Had a very similar issue with a VW T4, spent ages changing random parts, in the end it was the module inside the distributor.

But of course, assuming it's an ignition issue, it could be a number of things in the ignition system, thankfully the e21 system does not have many components and nothing is very complicated.
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